What Some People Believe About Smoking

Smoking worldwide is on a downward path. But, the reality is stark. Each year six million people die from smoking-related diseases. One life is too many for something that can be prevented like smoking-related disease. Lung cancer cases are still on the rise. We are also seeing more people getting killed from cancer. Yet, we are not seeing a lot of smokers trying to quit because of the myths they may believe in. It is time to debunk some of the smoking beliefs if only to help save millions of lives.

Healthy habits can cushion smoking

Some smokers think that eating healthy and exercising can cushion the impact of smoking. They are totally wrong. No amount of eating the right foods and exercise can prevent smoking to cause problems to the body. Of course, the risks can be lowered and the onset of disease related to smoking can be delayed. Studies show that eating healthy and exercising do not reduce the risks. Smoking impacts almost all the major organs in the body. It can impact the brain and even lead people to lose their legs due to lack of oxygen to the lower extremities.  Thinking that having healthy habits can counter the effects of smoking is something that is unrealistic and unproven.

Light tobacco can cut the risks

Mild or light tobacco is still tobacco. The chemicals that can impact the health are still there. The lowered tar and nicotine actually pushes smokers to consume more thus negating the idea of using light cigarettes in the first place. Most people that end up with mild cigarettes are actually exposed the same to the risks of regular cigarettes. Studies show that cigarettes, regardless of the chemical strength, can impact the health can cause lung cancer, heart problems, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Quitting cigarettes can lead to stress

Actually it is the other way around. Scientists have proven that quitters that are able to overcome tobacco addiction are able to dodge stress better. It seems that it is not everyday stress is leading people to smoke. It is the brain playing tricks so that it can get some of the nicotine it likes to have. The brain uses every trick in the book to have some nicotine including inducing stress. Stress can also be associated with some events and environmental cues, which can trigger a smoking binge. Anxiety has been proven to increase in people that are actually smoke a lot.

Quitting cold turkey is the best way

Cold turkey is the best way to get you back to smoking. Withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming and thus 45 percent of smokers that try to quit end up in a relapse. This is the reason why you may need to get some reinforcement to improve the chances of quitting. This may include the use of lozenges, patches and even electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have demonstrated their ability as a nicotine-replacement product as a way for smoking cessation. In a New Zealand study, it showed that electronic cigarettes are at par with other nicotine-replacement products to help smokers quit smoking. It is better since it provides the same experience as smoking, which something other products could not deliver.

Smoking kills. It is good that there are more ex-smokers that smokers today. It proves that tobacco control works. However, there are things that needed to be done. One of which is smokers’ education. Smokers need to know the truths and to forget the myths about smoking. After all, the life they may be saving can be their own.

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