Q. How long before my cigars arrive?
A. Some brands will ship next day. Especially the bundled brands. If you have purchased a rather expensive item, it may have to be aquired from instate which takes an extra night. Orders are not initiated until your tranasaction is approved by cardservice international, which is normally instantly, but not always. Sometimes, because of address verification, your order could be delayed while you are asked to provide more information. Credit card fraud is costing us all, including costing our good customers more and sometimes causing inconveniences. We apologize in advance for any such situations which may arise because of these bad apples.

Q. How are your cigars stored?
A.Our products never leave 70ยบ humidity until they are safely on their way to you. All boxes and bundles are shipped sealed. Samplers are usually cellophaned with ribbon. Occasionally some sampler cigars will ship nude.

Q. What are nude cigars? Do they have bands?
A. Nude Cigars means they are shipped with no cellophane wrapper. Nude does not mean they have no bands.

Q. Can I get a refund if I simply don’t like my cigars?
A. Yes. Click here for our guarantee page.

Q. I don’t see the brand I want. Can you get them anyway?
A. We have access to way more brands than are on this site. If your brand isn’t listed, send me an email Include the brand name and any other pertinant info. I’ll let you know if it is in our list of cigars available to us. If possible it will be added to the website.

Q. Will you accept my Discover Card
A. No. Discover charges merchants way to much just for the privaledge to process their cards. Statistics show that most internet consumers use Discover very little. The added convenience for a small handful of people doesn’t seem worth the steep charges we would have to pay, and subsequently pass back to ALL of our VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEXPRESS customers which just doesn’t seem quite fair to me. Sorry Discover users. If I were to get lots of complaints from Discover cardholders, over time, I would consider changing this policy.

Q. Will you accept my personal check?
A. Checks and money orders are gladly acepted at Tarheel Cigars. Just use the shopping cart like you would if you were going to pay with your credit card. When you go to checkout, choose the check or money order option. On the very next screen our mail to address is displayed as well as your individual customer number. A confirmation email will be sent. If it is your first purchase from us and you are paying with a check, we will need to validate your funds with your bank before fulfilling your order. Once you first check with us is approved your account will be put on auto approval for all future orders and all items shipped without delay. Money orders are of course as good as cash and are always a good way to pay.

Q. I’m mailing a check or money order, how much is shipping?
A. Please click the checkout button to view your cart which should include all items you wish to purchase. Proceed to checkout just like you are planning to use a credit card. Calculate shipping on the cart page and add this amount to your items total price.

Q. Do you have a store I can come visit?
A. No. Stores cost lots of money to run. To own or lease a building would push our costs up too high to compete in this very competative market. Stores burn down and are damaged by storms. Stores are broken into and looted. If you are buying your cigars from one of those places, you, my friend, are paying way too much. Tarheel cigars doesn’t incur these charges, and can hence sell cigars cheaper than those “Mall” type cigar shops where 1 cigar averages $9 bucks.